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TIMINGS : 9 am – 7 pm (Mon-Sat)
LANDMARK : Opp Ganga Hospital , Mettupalayam Road
SERVICES : All Types Of Mechanical Services, A/C Works, Car Detailing, Tinkering & Painting, Car Wash, Complete Spa Services & Accessories, Polish, Anti Rust Coating, Teflon Coating, 3D Wheel Alignment, Tyre Services, Puncture
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Report an abuse for product MOTHER MOTOR WORKS – AC SERVICE

Report an abuse for product MOTHER MOTOR WORKS – AC SERVICE

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The Symptoms of a Car AC Service:

✔Not Cooling

✔Slow to Cool

✔Bad Smell

✔Strange Sound

✔Water Stains

When it is Required Time to Service:

✔Air isn’t as cold as it used to be – Your car’s refrigerant may need to be topped off or recharged.

✔Foul smell like mildew coming from the AC vents – This could be an indication of mold in the system.

✔Unusual banging or rattling sounds – The condenser or fan belt could be worn out, or debris could be clogging the fan.

✔Puddles or stains from water on your car’s floorboard under the dash – Your car could have a clogged drain hose.

To Maintain Your Car AC system:

Check the air conditioning compressor belt for cracks and damage on a regular basis

✔Watch for any leaks or damage in the air conditioning system

✔Regularly check the function of the air conditioning system and other components

✔Empty out the refrigerant from the system

✔Do a vacuum test on the air conditioning system

✔Recharge your car’s air conditioning system by using the right refrigerant type and quantity as specified by the manufacturer

✔Perform regular service on air conditioning system components including the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and electrical controls

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AFTO & MOTHER MOTOR WORKS Join Hands to Provide our best Service and Affordable Price in the Market – Coimbatore Region

This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination servicing customers both local and from other parts of Coimbatore.

They have earned appreciation and praises from their clients for their impeccable products and services.

Top services:

Car Wash

All Types Of Car Services

Polish & Coating

Tinkering & Painting

3D Wheel Alignment

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